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I should be excited for college.
There is a ton of stuff in my room in anticipation for moving day.
Dreading is a little too strong a word.
Maybe I'm just...really anxious. I don't know what to expect, whether it'll be good or bad, whether I'll be a freak there or not. I'm so scared of not fitting in. I mean people are so talkative on the discussion boards, I'm holding off on that because I'm scared I'll come off the wrong way? Although its just online stuff, not everyone is there, not everyone takes it seriously. I know that stuff won't matter when we're all actually there, but I'm nervous.
I just want to hold on to high school (junior and senior years particularly) because I'm afraid to move on.
Afraid of the unknown.
I feel like I should really change as a person by the time I get to college, since its a time to reinvent myself and only a handful of people actually know me...but I'm still the same old boring person. Blaaargh.


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Jul. 30th, 2010 03:34 am (UTC)
Don't panic! The people who I met online before I left for college, when we swore we had SO much in common and would hang out all the time at school, never really became my friends. A few weeks into college I met girls who I didn't even know online, and they're my best friends now. Everything will work out! :)
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