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Ack. Housing.

Basically...there are specialty houses, and I don't know what i want. If I don't make a choice I will probably be placed in a random house with upperclassmen.

All-women housing - Yes I wanted to go to Wellesley for a while, but this is hiiighly unlikely. Just thought I'd keep it in there in case I got all man-hating, but I really doubt I'm going to go with that.

All-freshman housing - Title is self explanatory. There are entire dorms reserved for freshmen.

I could make friends my age, like if I were stuck with upperclassmen they probably have friends already. And if I met other freshmen I could be friends with them all four years. Each dorm has activities for freshmen, so I could have a social life.

Immaturity. Being kinda...stuck with other freshmen? Not being able to branch out as much, I guess.

Healthy living - Just another term for substance free housing. And this is what I'm leaning towards. My mom is encouraging it too...but what parent wouldnt?

One of the freshmen dorms is almost entirely healthy living. So I would know where I live already, and it's a nice dorm, bigger rooms. As someone pointed out, no puke in the bathrooms on weekends, and they seem to be a close knit community. Also I heard the dorm tends to be quieter. It pretty much sounds like the place for me, but who knows. It would take the pressure off to drink I think, if I'm not surrounded by people who do.

I'll probably be really boring if I choose this. It's not as social, as I hear. Doesn't seem to be a problem for me as I'm not a very outgoing person anyway. But what if I feel isolated freshman year? Maybe I should try to be more social? Dorm is on the edge of campus, far from a lot of other buildings, but closer to the subway station I guess. And what if I feel like experimenting with stuff freshman year? (Highly unlikely, as I have no interest in anything mind-altering. I like to keep my brain sharp.) There is the possibility it could be so stressful that I want to drink...Nah...there's a gym on the first floor so I could take out my frustrations there. I don't know...I don't really want to be surrounded by partiers/drinkers/potheads and feel all awkward/pressured.

I'm having trouble choosing :/ Leaning towards healthy living. I mean...Mass Academy was incredibly stressful, yet I got through it substance free. So I think I can handle being sober, for a year anyway.


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Jun. 4th, 2010 04:44 am (UTC)
I was on the party floor (lol def not selecting the quiet floor option) and sometimes it was loud, but a lot of the people were quiet during the week and the partying was on the weekends so it was more so just learning about how to balance your time/work and work during the periods of quietness. I'm glad I live in a residence where people drank, not that I'm saying its cool~, but not everybody in the res did drink, so you might a variety of people, and not just people who were one way or another.

I find it weird you have substance free, yet the drinking age there is 21. Lol.
Jun. 4th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
haha substance free includes drugs and cigarettes?
but yeah...nobody obeys the drinking age anyway. although at my old school, when senior year was over, everyone went to the woods to party. and they got caught by cops and they threatened to not let them graduate? which is stupid, but whatever.

meh i've pretty much gotten used to the fact that everyone drinks. i just feel in the minority that i've never really gone out to party. then again i've always been kinda out of things.
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